Rallybucket why? and how...

Why rally a beater?

Rallybucket is born from the idea that a maximum amount of fun can be had on a limited budget. Rallying is a prime example of this, sliding a car that my no longer have much use ad a daily driver around on a patch of dirt and grass is not only fun, but could even be thought of as a perverse form of recycling. Ok that may be a stretch but it sure prevents wear and tear from occurring to your daily driver and strange looks from co-workers after surveying the office parking lot.  Tearing up your nice new car can also be painfully expensive in terms of maintenance, repair and most of all depreciation.


  • To introduce a new group of competitors to an introductory rally experience
  • Provide the most fun, safe and economical rally experience possible
  • To provide great competition, with the least complexity as to series rules or guidelines
  • To challenge owners to keep a car in service through each individual event and throughout the entire series to compete towards a championship
  • To put on a good show and maybe embarrass an AWD turbo rocket or two.
  • Bring some new drivers out or renews some friendly competition (without increasing cost) for current
  • Create some exposure for rallycross programs.
  • Provide positive exposure for sponsors making it a worthwhile investment.

Series rules and Guidelines

  • The vehicle must pass SCCA tech inspection and far within SCCA guidelines for competing in rallycross
  • The budget for the car, outside of maintenance and wear items is not to exceed $4000.
  • Drivers will need to be SCCA members with a member number, i.e. not persons
    that purchase a daily membership for each event. I decided this as an effort
    to boost membership numbers and to have them become part of the group.
  • Drivetrain format does not matter, you are to run in the run order as determined by their existing SCCA
    classing. This isn't perfect but it prevents scheduling conflicts and the slowing down of rallycross events, after all we're out there to drive, not deal with a bureaucratic nightmare
  • The burden of the proof of cost is on the vehicle owner and or driver. A
    bill of sale or electronic payment receipt, or copy of advertisement listing will be required for all cars. If another
    opponent within the series feels that a competitor may have some unclaimed
    parts on the car they are to file a grievance complaint 
    a committee of 3 drivers within the class determine responsive action
    regarding protest.
  • Protest regarding vehicle or modification prices are to be brought to the attention of David Zajano either at an event or preferably via email.
  • If any contestant wants to protest a vehicle, but no evidence or cheating is discovered, the protester, event organizers or summit point motorsports park management reserve the right to purchase the vehicle for $5000, but not until completion of the season, at that point the vehicle may be purchased before the purse prize is awarded.
  • Have fun!


Advise for drivers and would be drivers

  • Be resourceful! there are plenty of resources out there for cheap cars and cheaper parts, later an entire section of this site will be devoted to this aspect.
  • Grip and handling is a greater benefit then power.
  • Rubber can make a world of difference, snow tires are quite useful, rally tires if found cheap (i.e. used) are an even better bet.
  • Stripping a car to make it lighter is always free (please note that all cars must retain 2 seats that must pass tech inspection.
  • You have to finish to win! some modifications can make cars temperamental so beware!
  • You can also make or modify parts yourself for maximum benefit. nobody says that you can't weld a cheater bar onto your stock swaybar, or dremel out your intake manifold. 3D printing, use of maker spaces and DIY fabrication is your friend.