Vehicles to consider

posted Oct 19, 2009, 10:41 PM by DAVID ZAJANO   [ updated Mar 14, 2010, 5:55 PM ]
Where to start? Well you're need a car. There are some things you're want to consider when selecting a car to compete in. Reliability, availability, price, cost of parts, ease of repair and maintence and even insurance expenses (hey this is a budget series!) It's best to leave yourself open to considering several types of cars within the budget guidelines then selecting the vehicle in the best condition.
Vehicles that I'd target to use:
1st gen Plymouth/Dodge Neons
Mazda 323's and Proteges
MKII and MKIII Volkswagens
Honda Civics and early Preludes
Acura Integras
Toyota Celicas, early Supras, MR2's even Tercels and Corollas
Plymouth/Dodge Sundance/Horizon
Subaru Impreza
Ford Escort, or Focus if you can find a bargain or one that needs some work
Nissan B13 Sentra
Hyundai Accent/Excel
Ford Police Interceptor (ok it's big and lumbering so it's not going to happen, but at elast we'd all know whether or not to take to the offroad if we're ever in "trouble" for some unknown reason!
Think outside the box on where to find these cars, the obvious places to search are craiglist and ebay. open yourself off to searching on, (the auto insurance auto auctions), forums and on local rallycross group boards and forums.