We have a Bucket!!

posted Apr 9, 2010, 4:48 PM by DAVID ZAJANO   [ updated Jul 10, 2010, 6:52 PM ]
On April 8th series organizer purchased a 1993 Mazda 323 for the sum of $100.
Pictures will be coming with the next 2 weeks, early issues on the car to be addressed are maintenance and wear items, paint; as it's nearly stripped in portions surprisingly the body has been spared of rust, and an exhaust leak behind the cat.
Other plans for the car include swapping out the 1.6L for a BP-ZE 1.8L 16v motor from a 1990-1994 Protege LX/Escort GT, along with the 4.11 ring and pinion found in the G series gearbox that accompanies the BP-ZE.  The 125hp of the BP-ZE doesn't sound like much, but in a 2200lb car with short gearing it should provide all the power that the car can handle without a limited slip differential. The swap can be sourced for about $400 including complete donor car with harness.
While the engine is removed the chassis will be either seam or stitch welded, which takes a lot of time, but is inexpensive to do and a great way to learn how to weld.
The remains budget will likely go towards suspension components unless a used limited slip can be sourced. Other potential build options involve use of a used megasquirt setup (which can be frequently found on craigslist). OEM 2 or 4 pot front brake options may be explored, stainless steel brake lines are definitely planned.